Capsules Sunsetting on December 31 to focus on Nitrogram

Ahoy fellow teleporters!

Teleportd’s focus is to make sense of social photos for professionals.

Helping you, our users, search, select and display mobile photos has been a thrilling experience, and we have seen Capsules used in ways we hadn’t even imagined. Your feedback has also taught us a lot.

Many of you have asked for deeper insights around the images they search for, particularly those looking to use their community’s photos to showcase products, services or events and venues. This called for a service offering not only search, curation and display capabilities but also in-depth analytics around social photos.

This service is now live, and it’s called Nitrogram!

Note: you’ll need an Instagram account to sign up to Nitrogram.

Built by Teleportd, Nitrogram is a platform to help brands and professionals unveil the full potential of their Instagram community. Packed with Teleportd power, it will enable on Instagram what you were doing with Capsules, and some more:

  • • Easily search for photos by user, hashtags and location
  • • Create moderated Photo Galleries for your website or Facebook Page (embeds, and soon an API)

and also…

  • • Get advanced Insights into your Instagram community with advanced analytics. Track impressions of photos bearing a certain hashtag and the engagement around them, measure the impact of your social conversations on your total reach, identify your community’s influencers by time period and geography, etc…

Being a small team (reminder: we’re hiring!), we’ll be focusing on Nitrogram from now on with an ambitious roadmap for the months ahead.
We will therefore be closing the current version of Capsules, our cross-platform service, to the public. From December 31, free accounts will no longer be accessible, and Capsules embedded on the web will no longer display images. Free access to our API will also be discontinued on the same date.

Any data relative to your individual use of Capsules will never, ever be used by or sold to third parties.

We hope that you guys enjoyed your ride with Capsules. We really hope you try out Nitrogram. Permission granted to land back on Earth.

Our blogging efforts are now centered around Instagram for Businesses. You can follow us on the Nitrogram blog, on Twitter, and even on Instagram

(Happy teleporting), and Boom!

The Teleportd team


Detectd 117/ Sandy in NYC

Access the full Capsule here: http://td.tl/tpsandy
(Photo: @david_preston on Instagram)

Detectd 116/ Hurricane Sandy hits Cuba, moves towards Florida - Sandy went over Cuba and did some impressive damage there. Going over land didn’t seem to reduce its intensity.

See crowdsourced photos on our Capsule.

(Photo: @ClaudioNasco on Twitter)

Detectd 115/ Behind the Scenes of Moscow Fashion Week - The title is pretty much self explanatory. Fashion is in full swing in Moscow, and through mobile photos, we’re seeing how it looks like from the insiders’ points of view.

Go here for the full photo album: Capsule

(Photo: @towka on Instagram)

Detectd 114/ Apple Keynote - Today was yet another Apple Keynote. Presenting the new iBook, iMac…all right. But the star of the presentation was definitely the new iPad mini, a new product that many fast have been waiting for!

Happy teleporting.

(photo: @androidezra on Twitter)


Detectd 113/ Codestrong conference - Codestrong is Appcelerator's mobile conference. It started yesterday and will go on until tomorrow in San Francisco, at the Intercontinental Hotel. Today, Office actor Rainn Wilson hijacked a talk. Not bad huh?

(photo credit: @spencechen on Instagram)


Detectd 112/ Halloween Dog Parade in Tompkins Square Park, NYC - It’s a tradition in Tompkins Square Park: Each year for Halloween, proud owners are dressing their dogs up in costumes. This Capsule will pretty much redefine your idea of “cute”, even if you’re not a dog person.

Enjoy and happy teleporting!

Photo credit: @theevanstarkman on Instagram)


Detectd 111/ Dublin Web Summit - Today, and until tomorrow night, Dublin is the home of #Websummit: One of the biggest conferences in Europe aimed at tech, startups and social media. One of the big topics this year is Cloud Computing, keeping up with the trend started a couple of years ago with the explosive success of Dropbox, Box and the likes.

Head on out to our capsule to check out fresh photos from Dublin. Are you there? Drop us a line on our twitter @teleportd!

Happy teleporting!


World’s Famous Concert Venues 01/ The Vienna State Opera - Here is the beginning of a new series of blog posts. Images from the most famous -which usually goes hand in hand with most beautiful- concert halls in the World.

The Vienna State Opera (Staatsoper) is the one we chose to feature first.

Glücklich teleportieren.


Detectd 110/ Police circling Gunman at the Fairmont Pacific Hotel in Vancouver.

The situation is still ongoing. Police has circled an armed man at the Fairmont Hotel in Vancouver, Canada. The latest news are that the gunman asked for water but pronounced no other demand yet.